So Many Channels

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve gotten high speed net and cable back. If there is anything I’ve noticed, it’s that there are way too many channels. Hell, I still go with PBS on many occasions, and have a pretty steady rotation of about 6 channels plus the HBOs, and even the HBOs tend to repeat a lot of the same movies (I mainly got it though for Game of Thrones, so it’ll be worth it!).

My favorite shows right now are Gotham and The Flash, hands down. I love the combination of police procedural with superheroes. Gotham is a wonderful mix of Burton’s gothic and sometimes surreal Batman with Nolan’s grounding in reality. And I think the result is a very interesting tale of how Gotham City got to where it is. The Flash‘s themes of humanity and humility strike a chord with me, and while the effects are amazing for the small screen, it’s the relationships that really make the show, especially the family dynamic of the Wests and Barry Allen.

On that note, have a wonderful last day of January, enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow if you are watching, and happy Groundhog Day on monday!