I’ve been developing mainly in JavaScript for the past 5 months, and thought I’d write a quick post about the experience.

I’ve very much enjoyed the change of scenery, moving away from the more static work and doing things that are dynamic and changing while at the same time not repetitive. Working in Flash had similar challenges, but ultimately I ran into a lot of templating and re-use of design and function. The work I’m doing now can be exciting and overwhelming, with the large number of tools and libraries out there. That said, it’s probably some of the most fulfilling work I’ve done.

Everything tends to come back around in one form or another. A couple years back I was trying to swear off being a dev, and now I’m back in the thick of it. Sometimes you just need to have a new angle to appreciate something you’ve got. So thank you, JavaScript. You may make me wanna cry sometimes with cross-browser compatibility, but you’ve got a lot of potential, and you reminded me that I love to build.