Whistle While You Work
Jan 13, 2015 - Happy New Year! Yeah, I’m about 2 weeks and more than a couple pounds after the fact, but still. Hope everyone is trying to start their year strong. This year is one for better organization and time management. Usually I see this in terms of work, but I’m also trying to manage my free time […]

The Saga Continues
Nov 30, 2014 - Just popping in to wish everyone a safe holiday season and for a quick update¬†on things. I’m back on the development grind, and learning a ton in the process. At the same time, I’m finally able to take steps for the future, and that includes several art projects both written and drawn. It’s been a […]

A Lesson Learned About The Spirit of The Holiday: My Review of 2006
Dec 26, 2006 - Greetings visitors! For a few days now I’ve toiled away trying to figure out what absolutely hilarious prose I was going to put together for my Christmas blog. But no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get into the Christmas spirit. 2006 has been challenging emotionally and financially for me and my […]

Turkey Day
Nov 23, 2006 - Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you’re all eating excessive amounts of turkey, cranberry sauce, yams, and whatever else is on the table this year. Unfortunately, the game I planned to release this year or the holiday is unfinished, but I’ll probably still put it up this year, as well as a special christmas game, so stay […]

Technology Sucks Part 2
Apr 20, 2006 - To add to my, problems, my hard drive failed on me last week, and could not have come at a worse time. Oh well I guess. Anyone who owns a computer heed my words: BACK UP EVERYTHING! Oh and happy belated Easter, or as I like to call it………….Easter! (Ha…expecting something else weren’t you, like […]

Party Like It’s 1999
Jan 1, 2006 - MERRY NEW YEAR! 2006 is the year to make stuff happen. So many have dealt with pain and suffering this past year with the tsunami, the hurricanes, earthquakes, violence abroad and at home, as well as everyone’s own personal losses. Though you can never forget the past, its important to survive and move on, to […]

Keep on truckin’
Nov 5, 2005 - Babalooooooo!!!!! Now that that’s over with….. Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween! I love it because I like to see all the unique costumes (one guy was dressed like Ice Cube from the N.W.A. days), and most importantly, I’m a candy addict, so it’s my yearly guilt-free fix! Plus, it means that Thanksgiving is right around […]