So Many Channels

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve gotten high speed net and cable back. If there is anything I’ve noticed, it’s that there are way too many channels. Hell, I still go with PBS on many occasions, and have a pretty steady rotation of about 6 channels plus the HBOs, and even the HBOs tend to repeat a lot of the same movies (I mainly got it though for Game of Thrones, so it’ll be worth it!).

My favorite shows right now are Gotham and The Flash, hands down. I love the combination of police procedural with superheroes. Gotham is a wonderful mix of Burton’s gothic and sometimes surreal Batman with Nolan’s grounding in reality. And I think the result is a very interesting tale of how Gotham City got to where it is. The Flash‘s themes of humanity and humility strike a chord with me, and while the effects are amazing for the small screen, it’s the relationships that really make the show, especially the family dynamic of the Wests and Barry Allen.

On that note, have a wonderful last day of January, enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow if you are watching, and happy Groundhog Day on monday!

Whistle While You Work

Happy New Year! Yeah, I’m about 2 weeks and more than a couple pounds after the fact, but still. Hope everyone is trying to start their year strong.

This year is one for better organization and time management. Usually I see this in terms of work, but I’m also trying to manage my free time and optimize my learning. I recently started an account on LibraryThing, and already I’m enjoying the process of trying to remember all the books I’ve read as I come up with a reading list for this year. I’ve already re-read The Hobbit, and currently reading The Silmarillion for the very first time. I’m a quarter of the way through, and while it may seem like Middle-Earth overload or even silly to do a prequel of a prequel, the opening chapters alone almost warrant their own entry in the cinematic universe (so long as they steer clear from introducing unnecessary nods to the other films).

I want to read at least 12 books this year, but likely more. At the urging of my awesome fiancee (who is the main contributor to my reading renaissance as a whole), I’ll be moving to Dostoyevsky works next. I also have to fit a re-reading of the A Song of Ice and Fire series in before the next book is published, but I have some time until then!

The Saga Continues

Just popping in to wish everyone a safe holiday season and for a quick update¬†on things. I’m back on the development grind, and learning a ton in the process. At the same time, I’m finally able to take steps for the future, and that includes several art projects both written and drawn. It’s been a heck of a 2014, and with a month to go still, I hope it ends on a high note. My sincere thanks to all my family and friends who’ve built with me over the years, and continue to be inspirations to keep going. With all that’s going on both at home and in the world, it’s the continued growth and creativity and love in the face of it all that keeps me going, and I hope it continues to be a driving force.

What’s This?!

My site…the caterpillar has become…a prettier caterpillar! I’ve painstakingly given my homepage the attention it deserves! With the cleaner interface and room for customization, I can focus on getting work up on here.

It’s not often that I get to be my own client. Usually I lament about not giving my site attention. So to see this through to this point has been quite inspiring. With one piece done, it’s time to move ahead to the next phase.

…I could also use a trip outside.

Projects, Projects, Projects

Fall is here!

Ahhh that beautiful, cool fall season hath cometh. It’s my favorite time of year, and while the leaves may be falling, productivity is on the rise for me. It’s felt like a slow year, but many good ideas have been nurtured, and now it’s time to begin the harvest.

I’ve decided to set a few goals and benchmarks to finally see some things through. Part of it will be a little team building, but first thing is first. All houses need foundation, and with some renewed vigor in coding and art, I’m heading into something big. More info to come when the time is right, so keep checking back!